Every click, swipe or tap is a web-based digital stepping-stone, specifically crafted & strategically placed to guide a potential customer incrementally closer to the business owner’s ultimate goal… …a transaction!

The term ‘webcraft’ accurately describes all activity associated with the planning, design, build & deployment of these autonomous web-based digital stepping-stones.

I help non-web-savvy business owners seamlessly incorporate ‘webcraft’ into all of their web presence development activities to significantly transform ROI – on autopilot. 

I am, The Webcrafter.

“99.99% of business owners websites are nothing more than glossy brochures. A lot of telling but no selling. A shiny salesroom but no sales staff.”

The Immortal Salesman

Web-Savvy Business Owners Automate Customer Journey Oline


Why have a dog and bark yourself? But that’s precisely what most new-to-the-web business owners are doing after they’ve launched their first website.


Continuous upkeep through regular updates, upgrades and uploads can often become overwhelming allowing complacency and laziness to creep in eventually leading to poorly maintained, mediocre, static ‘brochure-like’ websites.


The Worldwide Web is awash with millions of examples of this type of ‘business’ website that do nothing more than a whole lot of ‘telling’ but veryl iittle ‘selling’.


In today’s digital marketplace, a ‘business’ website needs to be an additional member of the sales team, fully-integrated into the entire customer journey/sale process.


Today’s successful websites are key to a business owner’s web presence development strategy and responsible for significantly transforming ROI.


So, how does a non-web-savvy business owner begin to transform an ordinary website into an ‘extraordinary’ web-based ‘immortal salesman’?


Activity associated with establishing a robust foundation to support a strategic web presence.

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Activity associated with drawing attention to a business’s web presence.

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Activity associated with welcoming, thanking and engaging with web presence visitors.

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Activity associated with increasing overall percentage of sales.

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Activity associated with increasing the value of each customer.

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Activity associated with marketing online using software resources.

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Activity associated with marketing online using human resources.

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Activity associated with research and specialized knowledge resources.

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Activity associated with monitoring metrics and improving ROI.

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Activity associated with self-realization and personal growth development.

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John Doe

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Jane Smith

“Donec dapibus erat sed consequat fermentum. Aenean viverra ultrices mauris quis ultrices gravida aliquam.”

David White

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