How To Guarantee ‘Crisis Proof’ Income In The Digital Age

A few years ago, increasing stress, exhaustion, anxiety and severe bouts of depression got the better of me., and I lost my job.

I found it increasingly difficult to be among other people. I took my medicine and isolated myself at home.

I hadn’t a clue when I’d be fit enough to return to work, particularly working among others.  In fact, when things were at their worst, I felt I’d never be able to work among groups of people again.

This situation I found myself in, terrified me.

Confident Past, Uncertain Future

In the not too distant past, I’d been the main ‘meet & greet’ guy and protector (head doorman) of popular local night-time venues, and also provided security at local & national music festivals.

Now I was finding it uncomfortable to even take a walk to my local shops, just in case it was too busy. Too busy? I’d worked Glastonbury Music Festival in 2002, as well as many clubs with over 1,500 capacity.

I truly hated my situation at this time.

I asked myself, “How are you ever going to get back to earning a living, if you’re unable to work among others?”

A Long Journey Ahead

Well, as I had plenty of time on my hands and access to the Internet, I started researching the possibility of ‘remote earning’.

The topic’ of ‘remote earning’ was something I’d read about somewhere which described the activities of web-savvy individuals who were using the Internet from home as their pipeline to income.

It was strange to think that although I wasn’t actually ‘going out’, I was still able to ‘virtually’ explore the world via the Worldwide Web.

The ‘nuggets’ of information I uncovered along my ‘travels’ were truly inspiring and I felt they could benefit not only myself but also other people who too found themselves in circumstances of ‘isolation’.

Ordinary Folk. Extraordinary Income

I’d discovered ‘ordinary’ folk who’d found a way to ‘remotely’ earn extraordinary income using their laptops from the comfort and security of their own home.

They weren’t engaged in get rich quick’ schemes or money-go-round games.

They weren’t bothering family members to convince them to join some business opportunity promoting Aloe Vera products or energy-saving discount clubs.

And they most definitely weren’t buying products wholesale from Alibaba in China to resell on Amazon and eBay.

They didn’t even need to have their own website.

And yet, they were making a good ‘realistic’ income ‘online’.

I needed to learn more about this.

A New Perspective

As I began my research, I had one of those ‘light-bulb’ moments that gave me a glimpse into a possible future.

A future in which I’d learned and studied what successful web-savvy people were doing and then figured out a way to help others become remote earners.

Perhaps I could make a living doing that.

My keen interest became a passion, then a passion evolved into a mission.

So, I set about locating, studying and learning everything I could find associated with this topic.

My first step was to give all this activity a title.


The Origin of Webcraft

During extensive research I was surprised to discover that all this amazing ‘web stuff’ was not being taught in any of our schools.

“How can our children leave school confident and fully prepared for these new income & employment opportunities if our schools don’t even know they exist let alone teach them?”

And so, I began to devise a youth empowerment digital skills enlightenment program I entitled, ‘Webcraft for Beginners’.

‘Webcraft for Beginners’ was designed to not only introduce absolute newbies to the activities required to ‘craft the web’ into sources of income but also combines ‘life skills’ teachings, an aspect not usually found in usual youth ‘training’ programs.

Global Economic Uncertainty

And then the world was hit by a life-threatening and economy-disrupting set of circumstances.

In an instant, thousands of people were displaced from their jobs as ‘social distancing’ and mandatory isolation became the new normal.

As the ‘domino effect’ of the global economic crisis continued to literally ‘hit home’, it became clear to me that the information I’d amassed would provide essential reading for those individuals worried they may permanently lose vital income sources they rely on for their livelihoods.

When will it end? How much financial devastation will it leave behind? What can be done to limit its negative financial effect?

Life-Altering Information

So, I created this website to enable others to follow my journey and share everything there is to know about ‘remote earning’.

I believe what I have to share (and the way I intend to share it) will make a massive difference to the lives of thousands of people in these uncertain times.

Follow my journey and please leave a comment where possible. I welcome all feedback.

Please check out my FAQ page to find answers to your most pressing questions regarding ‘remote earning’.

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As you can imagine, ‘remote earning’ is a dynamic topic.

As My mission to deliver this valuable information to non-web-savvy individuals has reached the point where I need help bringing igned the 

I’ve broken up my mission to share this topic into individual but complimentary projects. I’m currently seeking one-man-band looking for collaborators to 

Webcraft worldwide Initiative

‘Webcraft Worldwide Initiative’ helps non-web-savvy individuals significantly improve their income and employment opportunities.

Webcraft for Beginners

‘Webcraft for Beginners’ is an introduction to the dynamic topic of ‘remote earning’ where young minds learn all about the activities and associated skills required to earn ‘remotely’.

Webcraft Worldwide Hub

‘Webcraft Worldwide Hub’ is a community, training and resources website specifically created for practitioners, advocates and students of ‘remote earning’.

Remote Earning - The Book

‘Remote Earning’ is the definitive book on the dynamic topic of ‘remote earning’ where the reader learns about the activities and associated skills needed to earn ‘passive income’.

Who Benefits?

There are varying types of individual who could benefit greatly from implementing ‘remote earning’ methods.

Income Seeker

Any individual seeking alternative sources of ‘crisis-proof’ income  that can be generated remotely.

Business Owner

Any individual who runs their own business and seek to significantly improve their ROI using ‘remote earning’ methods.

Web Service Provider

Any individual who provides web-based ‘digital’ services and seek new ways to improve their offerings to business owners.


Any individual in full-time education who seeks to learn how to acquire new digital skills associated with ‘remote earning’.


Any individual who seeks new and exciting ways to add more income-producing arms to their ever-expanding portfolio.


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